Minds Alive Ibogaine Therapy Program

Since 2006, Minds Alive has been a leader in the field, treating a range of chemical dependencies, compulsive behaviors, depression and anxiety with the use of ibogaine therapy.

We offer 24 hour support throughout our 6 day in-patient program. During this time patients will receive ibogaine therapy in a comfortable and highly personalized environment, as well as a comprehensive list of other therapies, including private and group counseling, psychotherapy, massage therapy, physical fitness, quality food and supplements, crystal healing, reiki, body talk, as well as orientation on relapse prevention, life skills, and other motivational topics.

In addition to our extensive experience in the field, we have always stayed up to date with the most current contributions to ibogaine therapy from the scientific and therapeutic communities. We base our safety, screening and monitoring protocols on the Clinical Guidelines for Ibogaine-Assisted Detoxification, produced by the Global Ibogaine therapy Alliance (GITA), to which we contributed.

We believe that change happens best in a nurturing and empowering environment. We take a harm reduction approach, meeting everyone who comes to our center exactly where they are at with their goals and their vision for healing, and focus on building a therapeutic alliance that supports long-term resiliency. Not only do we want to see our patients achieve short term goals with their substance use, but to find renewed motivation to pursue their life goals.

Integrated Complimentary Therapies

Ibogaine is a powerful and transformative therapy both physically and psychologically. After some days of rest, the time following the administration of ibogaine is a rich regenerative period during which it is possible to learn and reinforce a whole range of new patterns, and redirect your life in an intentional way.

During this time we offer a range of different complimentary therapies, through our holistic therapeutic team, that are designed to support this in multiple different ways.

Recovery Planning

When we set a strong intention it serves as a magnet for our awareness, and allows us to dramatically redirect our life. Our counsellors facilitate a recovery planning session to explore potential options for ongoing post-detox care, strategies for dealing with stress, recognizing triggers and potential relapse issues, and outline the first steps of a transformed life plan.

Massage Therapy/Bodywork

Massage therapy is very helpful in reinvigorating the muscles after a period of rest. It also assists with relaxation, cleansing of toxins, increasing circulation, and reducing physical aches and sores.

Exercise and Stretching

Physical fitness invigorates us on a cellular level and has beneficial effects for all of our bodily systems, from the heart to the brain. We have a gym on-site with physical fitness equipment, and offer yoga classes and instruction in other simple stretching techniques.

Nutritional Planning

Healthy diet and nutrition are import to overcoming cravings. We provide basic nutritional coaching around eating habits, and vitamins, supplements, herbs, and other nutritional therapies that can support the recovery process.


Reiki is a form of energy healing that was originally developed in Japan. It focuses on rebalancing and harmonizing the subtler energetic field that surrounds and passes through the body in a non-invasive and meditative way. No physical contact occurs in this form of therapy.

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