Dr. Anwar Jeewa at Beyond Psychedelics

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It has become increasingly difficult to assist an individual to maintain long term recovery from substance abuse. Irrespective of which treatment centre the individual has been to, none guarantees a successful recovery. This is frustrating to individuals, their families and also service providers. The reason for this trend is not absolutely clear. Many treatment centres are rigid in use of their programs and depend on aftercare to improve recovery rates. Service providers are increasingly acknowledging that there is no one “best treatment” option as there are too many variations and complexities in reaching the goal of freedom from dependence and social reintegration.Over the past decades the topic of Ibogaine has been one of active interest for many physiatrists, neuropsychologists, spiritualists, and especially those involved in drug rehabilitation therapies and alternative healing modalities. It is for this reason that Ibogaine usage on drug addicts compared to those seeking a psycho-spiritual experience has been initiated. The following information is based on the demographic profile of those administered Ibogaine in the course of time spanning from January 2006 to June 2010 by Dr. Anwar Jeewa and staff. The major considerations taken are the gender, nationality, age- range and drug history and the psycho – spiritual effects. All information is based on the Screening Questionnaire of the Ibogaine Treatment Center CC which was directly provided by the client him/herself.


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