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It has become increasingly difficult to assist an individual to maintain long term recovery from substance abuse. Irrespective of which treatment centre the individual has been to, none guarantees a successful recovery. This is frustrating to individuals, their families and also service providers. The reason for this trend is not absolutely clear. Many treatment centres are rigid in use of their programs and depend on aftercare to improve recovery rates. Service providers are increasingly acknowledging that there is no one “best treatment” option as there are too many variations and complexities in reaching the goal of freedom from dependence and social reintegration6. Hence the focus of this presentation, which is based on research to identify strengths and weaknesses of the different models/programs used in different residential treatment centres in South Africa with a view to recommending changes to accommodate such complexities and sustain recovery.


Anwar Jeewa Director and Founder of Minds Alive Treatment Centre from July 2003 till Present in Durban, South Africa, completed Honours Degree in Religion and Social Transformation in 2004 in UKZN, Durban-Mini Dissertation Titled “Religion, Spiritual and Substance Abuse, completed Masters Degree in Social Science in 2006 in UKZN, Durban-Completed Masters Thesis on “The Treatment of Substance Abuse” in Residential Centres in the 21st Century. He is Involved in drug awareness programs in schools and for communities in South Africa and neighbouring African countries. Featured in the Readers Digest in Sept 2003 – Life Story called “Long Crawl to Freedom”. He has been a guest on local Radio Stations-Voice of the Cape, Radio 786, Radio Lotus, Radio Islam, Radio Alansaar and has presented my own program on Channel Islam International for over 8 years called “Fools Paradise” and also featured in many local newspapers and magazines. He also presented Papers for Medical Research Council; Islamic Medical Association, South Africa; Hope Conference, Bombay 2005, 2008; Ibogaine Conference, Washington, Feb 2008; Harms Reduction Conference, Miami Nov 2008; Ibogaine Conference Boston 2009; Ibogaine Conference, Dunedin NZ; Drug Policy Alliance Conference, Alberqueque, Nov 2009; Ibogaine Conference, New York, 2010, Ibogaine GITA Conference in Barcelona Oct 2010, Psychadelic Science Conference Amsterdam 2010 Oct, Harm Reduction Conference Austin 2010 Nov, International Conference Riyadh June 2011, Ibogaine GITA Conference Vancouver Nov 2012. He published a paper in the South African Family Journal 2009. Currently conducting research in a new rehabilitation program and Ibogaine.


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