Minds Alive Wellness Center: Ibogaine Treatment South Africa

Ibogaine Treatment South Africa: Ibogaine Treatment SAInpatient Treatment takes place in a comfortable home-like setting, situated in a peaceful natural setting. The building is beautifully designed with comfortable living facilities for up to 6 persons and the facility’s small capacity allows an abundance of individual attention. Inside, a team of experienced, skilled professionals provides a nurturing and empowering environment for real change.

Minds Alive Wellness Centre (Ibogaine Treatment South Africa) is an innovative, professional, therapeutic centre made of 6 single comfortable, rooms, with a jacuzzi, sauna, gym, clinic, lecture rooms with a professional team made up of Doctors, Professional Nurses, Pyschologists, Social Worker, Reiki and Body talk therapist, Crystal Healing Therapist, Massage therapist, Spiritual Counsellor and Life skills Lecturer, Motivational Speakers.

We offer a holistic ibogaine-assisted detoxification program to help facilitate recovery from all forms of dependency including drugs ( legal, prescription and illegal), alcohol, gambling, sex, eating disorders and / or any compulsive disorders, depression and anxiety, stress, anger management as well as a safe and supportive environment for personal psychospiritual therapy. Our programs are based on harm-reduction, resiliency-building, motivational empowerment, life skills training and transpersonal psychology perspectives and we center our approach on understanding and promoting health on all levels.

A Bit About Ibogaine Treatment South Africa

Ibogaine is a naturally-occurring herbal substance found in the rootbark of a plant called Tabernanthe Iboga that grows in the forests of West Africa where it has a long history of traditional use as a potent medicinal, ceremonial and spiritual tool.

For the last 40 years it has increasingly been used as a highly promising therapy for detoxification from drugs that cause dependence as it has a unique property whereby it significantly removes painful physical withdrawal symptoms with only a single dose. It also reduces cravings and acts as a natural antidepressant for prolonged periods of time.

Those who have used it to assist in their recovery from addiction and those utilizing it for meaningful psychospiritual development also strongly suggest it is effective in initiating a transformative experience that may be therapeutic and healing on psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.